Check out what Woofhoof fans have to say about our dog treat pouches, dog tag covers, horse cell phone cases, and more!

I bought two phone holders like this for when I’m trail riding (horse) and this one is by far my favorite. It is roomy enough to hold any phone, hooks securely to your leg (just below your knee...don’t be retarded and try to put it ANYwhere else because it’s not designed to go there!) The magnetic closure is a nice touch so you don’t have velcro (spooks horses)...definitely a great pocket!
— Danielle M - CT
I absolutely LOVE the magnet and the clicker built in. I use it all the time. I HATE the drawstring treat bag tops, the string gets in the way and if I leave it open and bend over everything drops out (the dogs like that!).
— Rebecca Owens Baton Rouge, LA

Our trainers really love the magnets
— Scott, CT K9 Center, Newington, CT

I recently ordered 2 Reward Devotion t-shirts from you, and I LOVE them! Thanks for making such great quality merchandise available!! I have 2 of the treat pouches, one of the collars and leashes, and have already asked my family for another t-shirt for Christmas! I love your shop!!
— Patti, North Carolina

WoofHoof by far makes the best treat pouch on the market. After carrying several manufacturers versions, we found the one pouch that we can give TWO PAWS UP.
— Alison-Two Paws Up, Frederick, MD

These (the Trets Reward Pouches) are great; we need a dozen more.
— Fetch Pet Store, Portland, Maine

I want to buy your stirrup support straps! I have your awesome magnetic large cell phone holder and black ‘tret’ bag already, I LOVE your products
— Vicki, New Mexico

We love your treat bags, they’re so cute!
— Michael Zoom Room Hollywood

I love my bait bag, its just exactly what I wanted.
— Ann, Orange Grove, TX

The Trets Reward Pouch has added value to my training sessions, and has made my horses look forward to their daily “lessons.” Having access to training treats in an easy, convenient manner has made rewarding my horses a pleasure, and they respond so well.
— Marsha Sapp, Owner, Southern Oaks Equestrian Center

I tried out my stirrup strap yesterday, and it worked like a charm. I was longeing a rather fresh mare and she gave a tremendous buck, leap and twist, nearly pulling her side reins over her head, and the stirrups never moved! I was impressed!
— Judy S., Canada

I am visually impaired and I travel everywhere with my Fidelco guide dog. I have used almost every treat pouch imaginable from drawstrings to hinged bags. The trets pouch I purchased is much smarter in its design opening and closing with one hand (my other is always on the harness) and it looks good too.
— Alan G. Cos Cob, CT

I love that I can [place] my pouch on either my riding pants or my boot and I ADORE the magnet. It is a strong hold and stays put even in big sitting trot! I have one with a zipper but it’s a hassle especially with gloves on with a whip etc etc..and the shape holds a lot!’s a great product. THANK YOU! I will tell all my horsey friends!
— Nona - Rehoboth, MASS

Thank you for such a great product. I’ve used many different types of bait bags - this is by far the best and fits our needs perfectly!
— Brenda - Glendale, Arizona

I love your large cell phone carrier. It’s comfortable on my leg, above my half chaps, and, most importantly, it’s a perfect fit for my Android phone. I need to be able to reach the phone while on horseback, which I can easily do with the WoofHoof. Previously I purchased one of those neoprene “large” cell carriers from another vendor, which I returned because it was too small, and difficult to put the phone into and pull out of.
— Linda W, New York

We use your treat pouches for our service dog and our dog trainer wants some too so wanted you to know how much we like them. The clips are tight and you don’t have to open or pull a string to get the treats out. My son is autistic so we appreciate the use of these bags for his service dog
— Jamie C. - Minnesota

I used the blue Trets at a dog show last weekend and it was perfect. Didn’t lose any bait at all, when compared to other bait bags.
— Nola C. - Cinnabar Shelties

WoofHoof: Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have in the Equestrian Magnetic Cell Phone Case. The case is very durable and at a great price. The magnetic flap keeps the case closed and the strap with Velco closure keeps the case snugly on my leg, even after hours of riding in the woods or doing chores around the barn.
— Susan Oglesby Jacksonville, FL

I love my new cell phone pouch -I rode with it today and it was fine above my boot. The fabric and Velcro are such nice quality, and I love the way the magnet keeps it closed securely but without the messiness of Velcro. I will recommend this product to my friends!
— Lindsey R. - CA

I LOVE my woofhoof magnetic treat pouch. I have about 6 of them, in all colors. It is one of my top 5 “must-have” training tools for a pro trainer.
— Kyra Sundace -Dog Trainer and author, CA

I use WOOFHOOF treat pouches every day when I train my horse. Perfect for piaffe in-hand and also when you are on their back because of the easy, one-hand access.
— Sandra Beaulieu -Dressage Trainer/Judge-Dover-Foxcroft, ME

I show my dogs in confirmation so being able to access bait quickly and conveniently is a must! Since purchasing a treat pouch from WoofHoof I will never use another product. The magnet closure means I don’t have to fumble to close it back up or worry that bait will fall out as we move around the ring. The great customer service at Woof Hoof is an added bonus!
— Val, Colchester, CT

Your pouch is perfect! I used it yesterday when we were trailering my Lusitano filly to the local fairgrounds to get her used to going new places as part of her starting. She was a bit uneasy about loading into a different trailer and with another horse, but the presence of her favorite cookies within hands reach convinced her to do the right thing. No fussing with a Velcro snap to reach those all-important cookies! I’m putting all of my other treat pouches away!
— Megan R., Port Townsend, WA

I just received my Trets bag, and I like it! It’s a nice size and very well thought out... angle of the flap works great for right-handed people (like me). The magnet is brilliant! I do summersaults and jump rope, so that is a huge help. The rounded corners mean less treat crumbs getting caught in the corners. Thanks for making such an ingenious product!
— Kyra Sundance, author of 101 Dog Tricks and The Dog Rules

Love the treat bags. I love the design and the magnet closure - brilliant!
— Chris H., Plainville, MA

Just wanted to say that I love the pouch; it’s great. It’s perfect for quick walks or trips
— Susan A. Austin, Texas

I love the ‘reward devotion’ tee. It is very comfortable with a beautiful message. I wore it at a recent agility trial and got several compliments.
— Donna - Nopoma, CA

Just wanted to say , I love my halters I bought during the Equine Affaire ... Love how soft the nylon is and the craftsmanship was top notch !! Keep up the
great quality !!
— Julie E - Mass
This cell phone holder is perfect. My iPhone with case, easily fits into the holder. The magnetic flap holds the phone in the compartment securely. I wear this on my leg while riding. I do a lot of trail riding and trail blazing. This phone holder does not budge!! Would highly recommend this well made cell phone holder. Great design.
— Hope K. - Dallas TX