Horse Treat Pouch

Horse Treat Pouch


Say goodbye to awkward, unattractive horse treat pouches!

The TRETS Reward Pouch is a slim, lightweight, and stylish treat pouch that allows you immediate access to treats for your horse when you need them. The TRETS Reward Pouch features:

·        A magnetic closure for quick treat retrieval to positively reinforce your horse's behavior

·        No dropped treats! With our innovative design, treats will not fall out even if you bend over

·        Durable nylon exterior and interior that withstands all your training activities

·        Not bulky but expands on when you need it to

·        Reinforced lining increased structure and stability

·        Available in 4 popular colors: Black, Blue, Burgundy, and Purple.

 Size: 6 wide, 4.5 inches tall, the bottom gusset has a 1 ½ inch expandable width

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